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Theta PromotionHorus


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Falkhof Werner & Sohre Michael
vanaf 9 12j
16' tot 45'
99,00 EUR 
info op BGG: Horus is the newest release by publisher Theta. It is a game for up to four people who take the roles of Egyptian priests from different temples. After the Pharaoh's death they compete against each other in equipping the Pharaoh's death barque with both necessary and valuable offerings to prepare him for his life in the realm of the dead. In order to do this, the players need to trade, buy, sell, negotiate and sometimes even fight to obtain the best and most valuable offerings to put in their part of the barque. Horus thus combines elements of strategy, chance and luck. The game is composed of a the three-dimensional board, an obelisk, 40 playing pieces and gemstones. Except for the gemstones and a thin metal ring, the game components are made completely from THETA-Stone, a new substance developed by Theta. It is composed of organic and mineral materials which simulate stone, but can be lighter than stone, and it can be produced in any form.


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beoordeling als gezinsspel: van 1 tot 4 (van heel zwak tot uitstekend)
educatieve beoordeling: van 1 tot 4 (van heel zwak tot uitstekend)
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